”Ktav Sofer” is a company marketing machine and hand- produced parchment for ST”M scribes and merchants in Israel and the world over.
The parchment is marketed to scribes who write sifrei Torah, tefillin, mezuzot, megillot and other Judaica objects.  ”Ktav Sofer” parchment texture is processed such that it is neither too slick, nor too velvety, an advantage for sofrim who can then write on user-friendly, comfortable parchment.

Distribution in Israel is through three channels:

   • A shop in Jerusalem

   • A shop-on-wheels, which travels to the center of Israel, visiting each city once a week.

   • Express post delivery to the North and South of the country.

 Distribution abroad is through ”Ktav Sofer” site, sending merchandise through express mail delivery, quickly and efficiently.

ספר תורה ספרדי דגם חיים


”Ktav Sofer” markets both Ashkenazi and Sephardi Torah scrolls, written by G-d fearing scribes with Halachic exactitude, strictness and elegance, produced under close supervision and  highest levels of quality control.
Reliable distribution both in Israel and overseas has brought high customer satisfaction.

Equipment for ST”M Scribes

In our company shop you can find mezuzah cases, ink, parchment water, parchment erasure tools, knives of many sorts and other supplies.

Why ”Ktav Sofer”?

”Ktav Sofer” is exemplary in its service and dedication; in its welcoming attitude and wonderful customer relations.  Each customer receives VIP treatment, going into minute detail of his writing style and its betterment; and matching the best parchment to his writing needs, with Hashem’s help and to the customer’s greater satisfaction.

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