Online Purchasing Regulation

Buying through ”Ktav Sofer” ‘s site is predicated on the following condition:  That the Buyer states that he/his emissary shall have no demands nor claims against the Site Owners or their Emissaries, except in cases of breach of trust by the Owners as per this Agreement.

Ordering Parchment and Related ST”M items Online

In Israel orders are delivered directly to the customer’s address (plus delivery fee) within 7 working days of certifying the order online.  In the Center of Israel orders are delivered by personal messenger service.  Deliveries to the North and South of Israel are through ”Express Service” of the Israel Post, special messengers or personal pick up (no delivery fee attached).
Foreign supply is by air, according to schedules of Israel Postal deliveries.

Delivery Fees

Price may change according to quantity or weight of the article(s) sent by ”Express Delivery”, as defined by Israel Post.
Messenger service for Central Israel is 30nis.  For overseas shipment pricing is according to Israel Post price list.


All payments are to be made through credit card or direct bank transfer to:

Ktav Sofer Sacred Articles, Ltd”, Hapoalim Bank, Branch 533, Account no. 574679

Orders can be canceled up to 14 working days from time of purchase.   Deduct cancelation fee as per legal requirement, and return only articles in original packaging, in new and unused condition.

Customer Service

Company representatives are at your service in Israel: 

 Sunday – Thursday, from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., local Israel time.  Telephone:  053 314 0123.

Email Address:

Happy shopping!

Purchase Policy

Purchase Policy
Possible means of payment in “Ktav Sofer”

  • Secure payment through Paypal PayPal Clearing System


Purchase up to 200 NIS Express shipping cost 30 NIS

  • Purchase over 200 ₪ Free express shipping
  • The express delivery is carried out by “Courier Mail”
  • The shipment will be sent by courier to the address requested by the customer, and subject to the address being on the list of settlements where courier services exist.
  • Express delivery time is within 7 business days.
  • Registered mail for 10 NIS. Estimated arrival time – two weeks from date of purchase.
  • If the book is not available in stock, there may be a delay in receiving the shipment or canceling the transaction. Customer will be notified within 24 hours of purchase.
  • Can not collect myself
  • Shipments abroad can be arranged by telephone with the customer service center number mentioned above

Returns products

  • Only Superi products can be returned
  • It is possible to cancel a transaction and return products for any reason, provided that the purchased books are returned to a “writer’s writing” in their original condition and have not been used.
  •  The return will only be possible within 14 days from the day the product reaches the customer
  • The cancellation of the transaction and the return of the money will be made upon the arrival of the products to “Ktav Sofer”
  • The shipment is returned to Katsav Sofer, at the expense of the customer and under his responsibility
  • If the book reaches the customer when it is defective, “Writer Sofer” undertakes to provide the customer with an exchange product. In this case the mission of the product will be at the expense of “Ktav Sofer”.